Willow Creek and olive oil, seperately, are not new experiences to me.

I have had Willow Creek almost permanently in my kitchen for a good few years, especially with the dark squeezy bottle and their Director’s Reserve has been the closest I have come to the one from the Arab villages in Israel, I could drink it…and we did

4-2015-06-25 12.31.57

We were taken through how they taste olive oil professionally and tried our hand at it with the Director’s Reserve. A little blue glass of perfection as far as I was concerned.

After that we were given full reign on all the deilicious flavouvered oils (which have been created to taste amazing and keep their taste) and the olives and olive pestos. Did you know an olive pesto can only be called “tapanade” if it contains anchovies?

3-2015-06-25 12.30.34

The persion lime flavoured oil is on my list to try and create a recipe for, it’s got a very strong flavour that reminds me of lemon bonbons and while some of the ladies recommended it with tuna I am not sure and I think it could probably elevate some other dishes in a much more profound way.

6-2015-06-25 13.14.16

Our palettes and stomachs primed by the devine olive affair we were lead down the path into the Willow Creek Cafe where we were treated to a warm fire, local wines and a choice of Butter Chicken with steamed rice and popadoms or cute little chicken and mushroom parcels with potato wedges. Simple yet full of flavour. We played around with some of the flavoured oils over our food to see how they changed the flavour.

7-2015-06-25 13.26.56

I would love to go back and spend more time there, a walk through the groves and more dedicated time to the oils so I recommend this beautiful place as a stop to full your eye with it’s beauty, your tummy with the food and the boot of your car with their products.

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