A few weeks back, on a cool and rainy Friday, the family and I took the drive out to Klondyke Cherry Farm. The way there was pleasant, not many people on the road, at least not in the direction we were heading.

Coming through to the other side of the tunnel

We intended to leave bright and early, right after my 9am Makeover Menu appointment. We ended up leaving at 11:30, I guess it was bright and early somewhere in the word. We considered for a moment to postpone and then decided there was probably not going to be another chance.

Washed and chilled, ready to pick

The drive there is farely easy, long but uncomplicated and totally worth it at R55/kg (versus R150/kg at the supermarket)We had a quick picnic at Klondyke after picking the delicious treasures. We also ate our fare share, who could resist the cherries that we washed and chilled by nature just for us

2kgs of cherries of every kind

Fast forward to 2 weeks later and after much gifting and eating we still had almost a full punnet of cherries looking a little sad in the fridge. A few days before that, The Husband took clients to pick strawberries and they switched out his perfect punnet for their, not so perfect one. So I sat with just over a kilo of fruit ready to turn at any moment.

Dexter or Hila, who knows?

I got to work straight away and it was not a clean job. Meg from Mind the Curves joked on my Instagram post that I was using baking as a conver up and I had “just disembowled someone with [my] bare hands”. She wasn’t totally wrong.

I stabbed (hulled) strawberries and disembowled (pitted) cherries.

For the strawberries the straw lifehack worked like charm, especially because they were already getting soft and a pairing knife was not really working so well. After a few cherry pitting lifehack videos I came accross one that suggested that the best thing for a lot cherries was to just push the pip out. I was going to blitz them anyway so I went ahead and used my fingers.

Just over a kilo of cherries and stawberries

My kitchen looked like a scene from dexter but my house smelled amazing as the sugar and the berries formed a syrup and the vanilla released it’s magic fragrance into the steam that came from the pot as it gentley bubbled away.

Sticky hands make blurry pictures but the colour was too amazing not to share

The finished product is totally worth the mess. That sweet warm flavour jam gets when love is poured in with the sugar. A big pot is staying at home for The Husband, The Little Prince and of course for me and the rest handed out as gifts. I might even make my own Hannukah doughnuts just because of this jam

Vanilla, Strawberry and Cherry Jam


  • 1,2 kg strawberries and cherries pitted + corred
  • 5 cups white sugar
  • 2 tbs lemon juice
  • 1 tsp vanilla powder


  • Put a small plate in the freezer
  • Blitz the fruit to desired smoothness in the pot you will use to cook the jam
  • Put the pot on a medium-high heat and add the sugar
  • Once the sugar is mixed in, add the lemon juice and stir and then add the vanilla
  • Bring just to the boil and move to a low heat.
  • Cook for 30 minutes.
  • Take the plate out the freezer and put a spoonfull of jam on.
  • Make a line through the jam on the plate with your finger. If the jam flows in to close the gap cook for longer, if it stays solid your jam is ready.
  • Skim the scum off the top (rather do this once at the end as you will lose less yummy jam)
  • Pour into sterelised jars and allow to cool.


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