Not having grown up with Christmas, it was something other people did, it was only when I started dating my husband that I got to really experience it. The family time together, the sharing of time along with gifts and the spirit of giving. Sure I had been exposed to it in pop culture and one year friends and I hosted a Channulithmas (Channuka, Litha and Christmas) but those were more about the social side.

Last year, Checkers took us on a wild ride around the cape to experience the different Christmas offerings Checker’s had. We had a lot of fun and really appreciated the gifts we were given. This year was different…in a very rewarding way

This year we had just as much fun giving as we did receiving.

We met at Maria’s in Dunkley square for Foreign Ground coffee and a very (un)Banting Breakfast. Teams were assigned, L-O-V-E was sung and the tweeting started. After many photos with many cameras we hopped on our Taxi and off we went to our first stop of the day, Checker’s in Sea Point. We strategised on our way to make sure our trolley dash was not only successful but better than the other team’s.

You know when you arrive at the shops and you see something happening and there are cameras and people with load voices and laughing and you wish you knew what was happening? Well I got to be on the other side of that. We got behind our sleighs and stood as close to the 2 different isles as the rules allowed and when “go” was shouted we sprinted to do our assigned grabs.

Coming in waaay under 15 minutes and juuuust over our budget we accomplished our goal of being the best for our chosen charity! Little did we know then that the happiness and success we felt in that moment was just a fraction of what we would feel later that day. First, some self indulgence at our next stop.

The Two Greedy Italians say that the best ingredient in food is good company and we had bucket loads of that with the bloggers, writers and foodies that gathered at Jade De Waal’s home. Coupled with premium ingredients from Checkers we were set for a feast. There was a lot of food and laughter, Odd Bin wines and crackers. With full tummies and a giant goodie bag we had 1 more stop to go.

The most important stop of all, our charities. Off we went to Nazareth house to go deliver the goodies we had just bought. Toys for the kiddies, sanitary pads and deodorant for the older girls and sweets and choccies for all. 3 big bags seemed like so much going in but so little going out.

Nazareth house caters for children and adults who need them. In previous years it was HIV/AIDS orphans but today they are a place of safety for little kids and a nurturing, loving and supporting home for special needs children and teenagers. Having volunteered at a similar place in Israel I knew that this place would break my heart and in the short time we were there it did. If you have the capacity to love endlessly and the time to give I urge you to volunteer.

Excitement filled, tummy satiated and hearts glowing we were taken back to Dunkley Square with a true understanding of giving. Thank you Checkers for an amazing experience.

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