When I was little I read a lot. I finished the pre-teen and young adult sections before I even hit 12. One theme that came up often was “The Carnival”. Ferris wheels and game kiosk, roller coasters and cotton candy.

When we moved to Cape Town I discovered the Community Chest Carnival and loved all the rides on it, I imagined myself as one of the protagonists of the Sweetvalley High adventures, enjoying the time with my friends, keeping my eyes open for my “one-true-love” and generally having fun.

Fast forward almost 20 years later and most of those rides make me dizzy or I have gotten to the age where the charm looks more like rust. What does excite me, makes my heart skip a beat and my mind race with plans and ideas is the foodie carnival…Taste of Cape Town.


Instead of planning which ride I will choose, I am studying menus to plan how best to use my crowns. Instead of visions of cotton candy and slushies, my tastebuds are already at the starting block waiting for new and exciting flavours.

Wait, what? You love it too? How about you? never been!?!?!?!  Well then I have some great news! I have 10 Double Tickets to give away. These little gems will get you into the gate of the and secure you a few hours of culinary adventure.


Just leave a comment about your favourite carnival memory.

For an extra entry tweet:
Foodie carnival time with @addtotaste at #TasteofCapeTown http://bit.ly/1rZk1Vq

Entries close Wednesday lunch time. In the meantime, you can read more here



  1. I remember the hustle and bustle of the crowds; being squashed in the queue at the Tilt-‘n-Whirl while the air around you smells like popcorn and slightly burnt sugar. Community Chest Carnival was also the first time I saw live bellydancing and realised that I could learn it here in Cape Town. These days I still try and use carnival themes in my costumes wen I perform. There’s just something about the whole hurly-burly world that speaks to me

    1. You are a winner! Please send me your Full name and session preference goldenangel(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Rollercoasters! Especially the Loop de loop – hands down my favourite carnival memory 🙂

  3. Carnivals always had the most fun food choices. Boerie rolls for lunch, candyfloss for dessert. Pop past the sweet stall or the baked goods stall for a second treat. I’d run wild with my little friends, jumping on bouncy castles and trying out the go-cart track. Zip-lining through the trees. I always knew where my parents were, happily stationed a table in the beer tent and I’d run back there breathlessly pleading for more tokens or showing off some new little scrape I’d gotten. Great days.

    1. You are a winner! Please send me your Full name and session preference goldenangel(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. The best part about going to any Carnival, is always the food. Its so much fun to stuff your face, with things you not usually “allowed” to eat or not readily available at the supermarket. Best part of all is that you get to support local food vendors, and help them grow their business. Big fan of Carnival Food.. from Toffie Apples, Candy floss, Boerewors roll, Mielies (corn on the cob)….. If i havent eaten these items, then it doesnt feel like the full carnival experience. Miss the days, when carnivals were held more often.

  5. I remember going on the Dumbo ride when I was a little girl. Each animal carriage had handle bars that you could pull down so that your Dumbo would go uuuupppp into the air! What a wonderful feeling of freedom 🙂

  6. My family was very involved in the white elephant stall at Maynardville and watching my Dad sell stuff I thought should be dumped for a couple of rand’s was priceless. The look of joy on the purchasers face was one of pure victory. My dad always made you feel like you had just got the deal of a lifetime.

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