When I was a lot younger I was incredibly shy. I had zero self confidence due to 100s of reasons and so I was socially awkward and found it difficult to make good friends. We moved to Cape Town just before I started Std 5/Grade 7, which at the school I went to is the beginning of Middle School.

scrumptious book cover

Looking back, most of my “friends” only stuck around till they got in with the “popular” crowd and for the most part I was left behind. What changed my circumstances was Afrikaans camp. I met some really nice people there and we formed friendships that lasted all the way through to Matric, some even beyond. My idea of what was “cool” changed fast and I started training myself to be more out going.

Fast forward a few years and the nerdy worm is a beautiful social butterfly. I drive my husband mad with all the commitments I make in our free time but he knows, I thrive on good friends, good food and good wine. Entertaining people at my home is one of my favourite things to do, I don’t get to do it often in our tiny flat but when I do I take utmost pleasure in creating dishes that people ooo and aaa about.

So when I learned that Jane-Anne Hobbs had created a cookbook centered around entertaining and good food I had to get my hands on it. Paging through I giggled at the “nibbly bits” and marvelled at the droolworthy images. All you could here from my couch was pages turning and oooo this looks good and aaah I want to make this.

Jane-Anne Hobbs

When it came down to actually deciding what to make, it took more time than I thought and the fact that my diet is currently limited didn’t make it easier. The final decision was Individual Beef Wellingtons. (I could make them and keep some of the stuff on the inside aside for myself)

A little prep goes a long way and most of the recipes in the book are designed to be made ahead of time so that you can entertain and socialise instead of spending the whole party in the kitchen. They are also great if you have, let’s imagine, a toddler who craves your attention and some time in the day while he naps prepare food for supper but still want things to be fresh and tasty.

Add to Taste - Individual Beef Wellington

I served my wellies with parsnip mash and a fresh salad. Everyone in my house, even the toddler, loved them and I will definitely make them again.

Do you want to make them too? Check out where to buy the book here

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