Who doesn’t love to laugh? Even in my angstiest, gothiest days, a good belly laugh was therapeutic. I have even participated in a form of meditation that had you force a laugh until you were full-blown laughing for 30 minutes (have you ever gone “ha ha ha, hoh hoh hoh, hee hee hee” into a mic, yeah that’s really all it takes)

A few weeks back I got a whatsapp from my good friend Amina asking if I was willing to do a review of her friend’s restaurant Ruby’s. Knowing what a great chef Amina is and that she would definitely not send me to something I wouldn’t enjoy I agreed.

I started doing research on the restaurant and realised that they are the in-house caterer for The Cape Town Comedy club. The number one space for Stand-up in Cape Town. I have been a few times and of course have had food there but stuck to the safe bets. Little did I know this would be a very very different experience than my usual visit.

On the day of the review I got a message from Amina advising me that my table for 2 was booked and ready. Wait what? 2? I always assume table for 1 when I am getting the food for the review for free so I had not planned on a +1 at all. I spent the rest of the day looking for said +1 and thankfully Janet, my favourite blog contributor, was free and willing to join me.

Boy was I glad she did. Andre had organised the “best seat in the house”. Right in front and center. Yikes! Good thing I wasn’t on my Ace there because I could see myself being the butt of some jokes. Little did I know that Janet would be the best person to have sitting in front with you. A some point she and Stuart Taylor had a show of their own.

Enough about the comedy though, the food was great. We started with milkshakes and then, since I had eaten there before, we went for things I have never had. We had to, of course, have a Jou Ma se Gatsby and the rest was picked through much discussion and elimination.

Ruby’s has been running the kitchen at the club since June last year and they brought back some of the favourites to Jou Ma Se Burger as well as the Jou Ma Se Gatsby, you will also find a pizza made specially for the owner of the Cape Town comedy club The Schoonraad. You can drool at the rest of the menu. We went for crumbed mushrooms, chicken liver peri peri, Jou Ma se Gatsby and The Pryor special, where you get the pizza plus a savanna to wash it down.

Most of the pictures were supplied because the show had already started and in the low light I tried to quickly grab a few shots while the comedian’s focus was elsewhere and we all know you need to take your time with low light food pics, so they came out blurry and did no justice for the food itself.

Thank you Andre and to our lovely waitress as well as Janet for the awesome company. Check out Cape Town Comedy’s line up and purchase your tickets. You will be guaranteed a happy, full belly and a great night out.

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