Most of my Cape Town life has been spent in the Gardens/Vredehoek area and those who have lived there for many years know that an iconic part of living there is the Gardens Center. Going from a small little mall with a few staple stores to a bustling one stop center close to home.

Many shops and restaurants have come and gone here but one shop has been there from my earliest memories until today: Raith Gourmet. From a quick sandwich after school, to sorting out a craving for german sausage and even an exceptionally delicious steak tartar, Raith had it all.


You seldom walk past and see no one sitting at the tables placed along the outside or perched on a seat inside enjoying a plate full of German specialities and lunch times boast a queue out the door of eager, hungry people. Don’t be fooled though as the service is super quick and the ladies behind the counter move like a well oiled machine.

When I was gifted a media voucher to go and try something I knew I had to do something new. I had had lunch there several times and bought more than my fare share of different sausages and cold meats at the Deli. I had even bought some of the dried goods from Germany but what I had never bought was meat for my braai.


I stood for a while deciding on what to get while the butcher helped out another customer and when my turn came I decided on a couple of lamb chops and rib eye steaks. The butcher was more than happy to chat and knew what the source of his meat was. Although the price point isn’t low I soon discovered that it matched the quality. Simply seasoned, medium rare steaks and well done lamb chops (I like them like that, don’t judge) the meat was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

2014-12-13 18.33.26

So go on, spoil yourself at Raith Gourmet. They spoilt me and I enjoyed it emmensly


Gardens Centre
Tel: 021 465 2729
E-mail: fillet@raithgourmet.com
Shop No 38
Gardens Center
Mill Street
Cape Town
High Constantia Farm Stall
Tel: 021 794 1706
E-mail: constantia@raithgourmet.com
High Constantia Center
Constantia Main Road
Cape Town

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