There is a movement in the food world right now that I am really enjoying. It started quietly a long time ago but has been building up steam, becoming more popular, more accessible and having more of an impact than ever before.

For home cooks it’s called “Grow-your-own”. People pulling up pretty flower beds and converting them into useful veggie patches. For restaurants “Farm-to-table”, either sourcing straight from local, ethical farmers or being both the source and the restaurant.

One such restaurant is Eight. Sitting on Spier with a mission to use the amazing produce that comes off the farm and from what I experienced, achieving the mission successfully.

We were treated to a lovely day, only slightly ruined by the downpour, taking a drive through the farm, visiting the veggie garden, chatting to the team in charge of making this initiative the success that it is. We tasted some excellent wines (still not a fan on Pinotage, sorry) and then whisked off to a delicious and creative dinner.

The food, the wine, even the water were perfect and I love a kitchen you can see into. The team’s passion comes through in all aspects of the experience and I urge everyone to give them a try.

The hotel was also a treat, from the giant room with a fire place to the babysitter who came with a box full of wooden toys that stayed in the room and got much use the next morning. A breakfast spread that would please any pallet, eating plan or fancy and staff that were both attentive and endearing.

I will be back there to stay for a little longer, let my son enjoy the kids club while I really get the chance to see the farm without the rain. Eight only serve lunch but in October when all the rooms of the hotel will be ready, they will start serving dinners too on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays

You can read the full press release here or just look below for all the wonderful pictures

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