I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions. Promises we make when we have no idea what will happen in the year ahead. Vague dreams with no real goal in mind. “I will lose weight this year” “I won’t drink so much this year” “This year will be a happy one”.

I believe in setting goals and trying to achieve them. Goal setting is different. There is no “I will” but there is an “I aim”. So I have 1 major goal for this year. I aim to lose 30kgs (From where I was at the beginning of the year) by my 30th birthday (14 November 13). Not only is it possible if I keep my head right, it is also a healthy goal.

I have chosen to do this by following the High Fat Low Carb diet, taking riffs from Primal Blueprint along the way. However, having given in to foods I know harm me for the last few months I felt I need to “switch it on and off again” and reboot my body into finding pleasure in anything but white bread and chocolate. So I have decided to give the Sleekgeek Reboot (inspired by the Whole30) a go as a sort of launch pad.

For some reason I decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect day to start, silly woman. All around me people were talking about chocolate, pictures of chocolate, ads about chocolate, stores were full of chocolate. I had to fight the temptation and in the end decided to fight fire with fire.

So, these babies were born. They tick all the boxes I needed to stay on track and kick ass on my first day. They say necessity is the mother of all inventions and I look forward to the other delights my insistent palette inspires.



Reboot “Ferrero Rocher”


Hazelnuts – 500g
Olive oil – 1 tsp
pitted dates – 500g
cocoa – 4 tbs (more or less)
Water – less than 1/2 cup
Crushed almonds – to coat


In a food processor, blend the nuts and olive oil for about 10 minutes until they form a paste, you will need to push it down every so often so watch it.
Once the paste is smooth add the dates and blend some more, adding a bit of water to loosen it up.
Add the cocoa to taste and blend till smooth, again using a little bit of water if needed.
Roll into balls and then roll in the almonds


  1. This is very interesting Hila. From the list of ingredients it sounds about as expensive as ferroro rocher to make. Where do you buy your nuts from?

    1. I got them from Atlas trading, by far the most expensive thing in this recipe. I got my dates at R15 for 250g from Spar but as Ramadaan is not far dates will be more available at less soon. They are meant as a treat though so 😛

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