Ladies and gentlemen it’s time for a blog challenge. This one is called Ready, Steady, Cook and is loosely based on the TV show of the same name. A few years ago something very similar was done on the Food24 blogs and I had so much fun doing it. This time I am going to make some rules so that we can get a winner.

The idea is simple. You sign up to the challenge by commenting on this blog post. Entries close on the 15th of August. 

There are 2 parts:

Set the challenge
Each blogger who signs up gets assigned another blogger
They will give that blogger a list of 7 ingredients (be creative)

Get the challenge
Each blogger will then use those 7 ingredients plus the allowed “pantry” ingredients (these are listed below) and free items (salt, pepper, olive oil, sunflower oil) to create a 3 course meal.
Each course must be in a separate blog post.
Pictures and recipes to be posted as evidence 🙂
I want this to be exciting and worthwhile so I am in discussion with some great companies to try and get prizes for the challenge. In the event that these companies are awesome and want to give you guys great things part of the challenge will be to include them in your posts.
Include the badge in all your related posts with a link back to this blog.

Pantry ingredients
Bay leaves
Chilli powder (this can be chilli powder, dried chillies, cayenne pepper or peri peri spice)
Tinned tomatoes

Once the top 4 are chosen there will be a special challenge between them to chose the winner.

All the posts are to be completed by the end of August. Once everyone has posted their blog posts I will get the prize sponsors and a few selected judges to send me their ideas for the best in each course. I will also monitor the comment sections on the blogs as well as create a group on Facebook where people can vote.

From there we will find our top 4, our challenge finalists. There is a special challenge waiting in store for them.

So get your thinking caps on and sign up, get your friends to sign up, get your mom to sign up. The competition is open to anyone!


  1. What an exciting challenge. I would have loved to participate but unfortunately August is a pretty hectic month for me and I wont be able to do it. But sounds like loads of fun and good luck to all…looking forward to seeing the results 🙂 xx

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