Sometime last year I joined a group on Facebook called Berlin Outdoor Mamas. I hoped to find, on this page, ideas for family friendly walks and hikes in and around Berlin that we could enjoy. Maybe also digitally connect with other families who like to spend time outdoors so that we could meet up in a future where people can meet.

Image credit to @mum_in_berlin

The group is not the busiest but the few post that come up are always full of ideas and tips, introductions to more families hoping to be more active and great hints and tips for things to do with the family out in the many natural spaces in and around our home city.

One such post was by another mama named Paulina was about Wupatz’ Nature Trail. She also wrote a blog post all about it and you can find it here. It came at such a perfect moment because we were looking for things to do that coming weekend. So, off we went in our Miles hire for the day, to the east, a town called Ekner.

It’s important to add that we took a car share out of pure laziness, the path for this lovely walk is right by an S-bhan stop and so it’s really easy to get there, even without a car. So easy to get outdoors in Berlin.

The original plan was to walk for a bit, then have a little picnic and then continue the walk but the plan changed as we pulled into the car park when out the back seat came the sign song whine of “I am huuuungry” so plans changed. Thankfully, only a few meters down the path was a lovely little spot to put out or picnic.

The little hut we stopped under also had the first little puzzle. Pictures of little forest creatures were inside the hut and hidden in the forest. We had fun spotting them while enjoying our snacks.

A very well marked path takes you through the different biomes this little forest have to offer. From a marsh that grows thick with wildflowers in the spring (but is muddy and yet springy in the autumn), to the lake and river with it’s own little creatures and critters.

All the way around there are information boards that are specifically aimed at kids. Using puzzles, games and all the senses to get across the important information while still being a lot of fun. Scattered along the path are little obstacle courses that keep more active kids buy

The last part of the walk is maybe it’s only downfall. While it is a little interesting to see the train track, and feel the woosh of the train as it goes by, this excitement wears off quickly. Followed by walking along side a busy road. Breaking the magic of the forest bath you had just spent hours in, all too suddenly.

We will head back in the spring to see how the landscape changes with the season of plenty. I look forward to even seeing some of the creatures only seen in pictures and definitely the wildflowers and birdsong.

Have you been? Let me know below how it was for you or where else you like to spend time outdoors.

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