The nights are getting longer, the tempratures is dropping. Mist creeps into the city in the dark hours. Something sinister is happening at the end of Keerom street…

STOP! No need to call in the police. The detectives are already there but they need your help. From Egypt to England, New Orleans to Peru and even as far South as Antarctica murders are happening and YOU are the key to solving the mystery.
Hurry now and book a seat for a great night at the Five Flies. Murder. Intrigue. Food and wine. Loads of belly aching laughter, accusatory screaming (all with a smile) and a night you won’t quickly forget.
1 June – Horrific Hieroglyphics (Only 2 tables left! Don’t miss out)
29 June – The Bloody Grail
27 July – Voodoo in the Big Easy
31 August – Raiders of the Golden Incan Tomb
28 September – Arctic Madness
For more information and to book, please contact Natalie at Five Flies on 021 424 4442 or



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