It’s been a while since you lot got a recipe so before I post about the amazing new restaurant and experience in the winelands I want to treat you to a recipe of something equally amazing.

In each stage of our lives we find ourselves surrounded by people who are in the same stage. When you are a student you are surrounded by students, when you fall pregnant you find yourself surrounded by other pregnant families, new families and birth experts. Likewise when you choose to live a healthy lifestyle.

360XBT takes this to another level. Having a dedicated facebook group for discussions and sharing of information helps to build a community. Having regular meet ups on a Thursday night brings a new level to that and now, the added 2 hour work out on a Saturday brings the kind of closeness that normally would come from years of knowing people.

Apart from feeling like the 360XBT is an extended family, I have found a sisterhood within that. A group of amazing woman (and 1 man), each one with her (his) unique journey and goal. These ladies (and gentleman) are my rocks, my diamonds, the shiney lights in my life that make every difficult day worth my while.

Well, the lot of us got together one night for dinner and while our gracious host made dinner we each brought something to nibble. One of my contributions was this mushroom pate. To say it was a hit is playing it down and I am happy to share the happiness that this pate brought with you.

Yes it only has 2 key ingredients (although you could argue that seasoning is key). You can also add fresh herbs, like sage and thyme, to vary the taste slightly.

Mushroom pate


  • 1 box oyster mushrooms roots cut off
  • 250 g butter
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • Place the mushroom and butter in a sauce pan on a medium hear. When the butter starts to bubble a little drop to a low heat and cook until mushrooms are soft. Remove the mushrooms from the butter and place in a food processor with the seasoning and start adding the butter in slowly until it comes together.

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