For my birthday TheHusband told me to pick a spot for breakfast, he wasn’t sure he would be able to join us for lunch so we wanted to spend some time together. I chose to go to MissK. The food was really good but what really got my attention and stuck in my mind were their giant meringues. Brittle and crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, I loved every sweet bite.
A few moths later my father decided to try a gellato recipe that uses a bazillion egg yolks, well 8 of them and I decided that it was the perfect opportunity for me to make meringues. So I popped on to google to find the perfect meringue recipe, I found one and my apologies to the blogger who’s page I found it on but I seem to have lost the link.
The idea is simple:
Sift your egg whites through a fine sieve
Weigh them
Coat the mixing bowl with lemon (cut the lemon in half and rub it on the bowl)
Pop in the egg whites and start whisking
weigh out twice as much castor sugar
when the egg whites reach the foamy stage slowly start adding the sugar and whisk till stiff.
Take a large spoon and spoon big blobs of meringue onto a baking sheet (or pipe them on prettily if you must)
Then pop into the oven on 110°C with the oven door open for about 1 hour, then drop to 90°C till dried out. (these temperatures my vary depending on your oven)

For a little variation mix some strawberry essense into the egg white mixture and make strawberry meringues 

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