How many of you know that one of the most idyllic places in the Western Cape to relax is in McGregor?

If you didn’t know, I am here to tell you about some of the discoveries I made while visiting this tiny town in the Langenberg area, thanks to Cape Winelands District Municipality.


After a long drive from Stellenbosch, with a detour through Worcester to pick up another journo, we arrived in the tiny town of McGregor. So tiny, that our escort from CWDM, wanted to know if the map outside their offices was the whole town or just the main part (spoiler alert: It’s the whole town).


We had had a cup of tea as we were being hurried into our ride out so were ready as anything for the Health Breakfast that awaited us at Tebaldi’s, although we were unsure what to expect. What a pleasant surprise it was, breakfast parfait, boiled eggs, smoothies, croissants, muffins and tea with ginger and mint.


With our tummies full it was time to fill our souls and rest our body and mind. We started with a quick walk through the Temenos wellness retreat to their library and treatment area where we were treated to a mini wellness expo. Therapist from around the Langeberg area came to tell us about their services and some even gave us a treat of their expertise. Temenos also has their own therapist who treats those on the retreat.


The retreat itself focuses on peace and tranquillity. Dotted around the wild gardens are benches and chairs where you can sit and read or reflect. Watch the ducks wander around or nap. There are also several meditation spaces, my favourite being Temore (a small room with blue glass windows) followed closely by The Well (a warm communal meditation room with a bubbling well in the center). The Well and The Chapel host daily meditations that are open to the public. Temenos asks that you don’t bring children under 12 to the retreat, simply because the retreat values silence and they value children and most children are not silent and should not be forced to be.


Our tour of the garden ended with stop at the Angel of Lost Children. A beautifully carved angel donated to the gardens by a mother, who had lost her child, had commissioned the Angel and needed a place to put her.


Walking back out the gardens had a sobering effect and once we were back out into the tiny streets of McGregor we were ready for more discoveries. We went to see the beautiful Old Mill Spa where a relaxing Spa has been set up and then down into town where we got to see the Ozone machines. An Ozone session + a treatment is only R650, definitely worth the trip out.

Ready for lunch we headed off back to Robertson, but that’s a story for another day…

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