I have not done a review in a while but I really feel this one needs to be shared. It’s taken me some time to write it because I was hoping to go to La Mouette again for their garden party and do a sort of “Double review”. One for an intimate dinner for 2 and 1 group dining experience.

Unfortunately I will have to wait for next time for the group experience but in the meantime I will share what it was like for TheHusband and I on a long overdue date night.

Let me start off by saying that this was not just “going out for dinner” the whole experience from beginning to end was just that, an experience. From making my booking over twitter to getting a personal goodbye from the manager Nanette and all of the great banter, knowledge and professionalism of Frans in between.

We went in for the spring tasting menu, TheHusband just for the food part and me, I just had to pair it and boy was I glad that I did.

(Disclaimer: My camera battery was dead so pics were taken on my iphone and TheHusband’s blackberry, sorry. Well all except the first 1 on this post and the picture for the starters, those are courtesy of La Mouette)

To start off the evening, Mari had organised some lovely bubbles for us, TheHusband had a sip to toast the beginning of a great night (oh boy did we underestimate what a great night it was to be) and the rest of his glass was mine too (I tried the bubbles with everything *evil grin*) as he doesn’t drink.

We were then offered a delicious home baked roll which I forgot to ask about but tasted like maybe it had sundried tomatoes in it, it was a really great start to the meal too (and went well with my bubbles).

My choice: Cheese and truffle croquettes paired with Jack Black Premium beer (there was also an option to pair it with Villiera brut N/V which I think I did anyway if our complimentary bubbles were that). There is something about crumbed food and beer that just works so well together and this was no exeption, the earthyness of the truffles with the beer worked really well. 

TheHusband’s choice: Smoked mozzarella and sundried tomato arancinni (paired with the Villiera brut N/V if you took that option)

Soup course
My Choice: Coconut broth, vegetable dim sum and sesame seeds paired with Thelema Muscat de Frontignan 2009 (and bubbles, ok ok I will stop now) 

I have to pause for a second here to point out that while I loved every single course equally, this pairing was my favourite by a mile, a match made in heaven. If I had to edit the experience I would add spot lights and choir boys signing in post-production.

TheHusband’s choice: Artichoke and potato veloute, truffle foam and béarnaise relish (the pairing option was Diemersdal Chardonnay 2010)

To tell you the truth this soup course was my most difficult choice, I love veloute’s but I was in a dim sum mood and well I got to taste both anyway.

By now I was in a very happy space, my tummy was slowly filling with good food and good wine and I was really enjoying the space we were in. It was like a treasure hunt without moving, what flavours will I find. I was so happy that the meal was far from over and I had 3 more courses to explore.

My choice: Salt and pepper prawn, pea puree, shaved vegetables and crispy pancetta with Villiera chenin blanc 2009

The prawns were amazing, juicy, sweet and tasty. They worked excellently with the wine, which unfortunately was a little too dry for my taste but wine is very subjective and I could still appreciate the pairing.

The Husband’s choice: Goats cheese pannacotta, grilled asparagus, balsamic, quince jam and bread crisps(The pairing option was Diemersfontein Pinotage 2009)
It tasted as I expected it to, which was great for the TheHusband and made me happy with my choice

My Choice: Beef Sirloin, pommes pont neuf, watercress puree and hollandaise with Waterford Pebble hill 2008

Looking at my glass you may have thought I didn’t enjoy the merlot, you would be very wrong. I am llergic to the tannins in red wine and it is the only thing that gives me a hang over. So while I love it, it hates me and so I had to leave a lot in my glass. The beef was so very succulent, perfectly prepared and soft as butter (As I had proven, using my butter knife while waiting for the steak knife to arrive)

TheHusband’s choice: Roasted line fish tomato cassoulet, baby spinach and calamari (normally paired with Jordan Chameleon 2009)

I am very picky when it comes to fish but this was very tasty and TheHusban kept giving me bits of calamari (I LOVE calamari)

My choice: ‘Cappuccino’ coffee ice cream, milk foam and chocolate macaroon paired with Glen Carlou ‘the welder’ 2009

Who can resist a ‘mac’. I was totally in love with this dessert! Had a really nice discussion with the waiter about crispy macs v.s. chewy macs. The foam on the dessert was excellent and as TheHusband knows, its my favourite part of his cappuccino (I eat his foam before he gets to drink it…wow that sounds bad)

TheHusband’s choice: Kimberley chedder with peppercorns quince jelly and lavoche (normally paired with Allesverloren Vintage Port 2007)

The quince jelly was yum and he cheese tasty, loved the cracker and the presentation. 
I really had an amazing experience and I can recommend them 100% to anyone who asks. 

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contact them:
Twitter: @teamlamouette
Website: http://lamouette-restaurant.co.za/
email: reservations@lamouette.co.za

phone:  021 433 0856

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