Let me just start with the hashtag #lifegoals.


Seriously, from the moment Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall appeared on my TV screen, this is all I have really wanted from life. A small, self sustaining farm, away from the city and all the hustle and bustle that it carries. Spending my time helping things grow, including my children, in an organic, happy, environment.

The thing about these kinds of life goals is they take a lot of planning and risk taking, both things I am seriously sucky at and so remain a bucket list item for when I either, have enough money for it to longer be a risk (who am I kiddings), get over myself and take the plunge or die fantasising about it.


Petrus Jansen is not a man afraid of his dreams though. From a vision of sunshine reflecting his movements he created a world he believed in. His faith as well as, from what I witnessed, strong passion for living an authentic life, made his farm a reality.

Liana, Petrus’s wife, uses the produce from the farm to create items for sale and barter. From olive oil based soaps, heirloom seed packs and yummy breakfasts for her guests. Anno, who we didn’t get to meet, must surely adore growing up between all the animals, plants and butterflies around her.


A very short, actually walkable, drive out the farm is the town of Montague. Restaurants of every kind and for every mealtime. Shops of every kind. When you are done indulging in a bit of town life you can escape back to the farm. A natural pool with bio filters is a welcome refresh in the summer and wall heaters in the rooms are a great addition for winter.

The rooms are spacious and comfortable. With a mini kitchen for tea and coffee and en-suite bathroom with complimentary Kogman & Keisie soaps and creams. For those who need a TV to fall asleep there is DSTV and if you prefer a book, there are bedside laps with ample light.


Breakfast is a treat and sitting in the dining room of the farm house with Liana cooking on the stove feels like you popped over to a friend for bacon and eggs (and mushrooms and tomatoes from the garden).


Want to work on the farm? You can! Liana and Petrus run a volunteer programme during their busy months. Free food and lodging (obviously in slightly less luxurious accommodation) for a minimum of 2 weeks.

Their website is full of information about the farm and the activities. There is also a shop which is still under construction and a very active facebook page.

Liana and Petrus, thank you for the hearty and warm hospitality, my family and I will be back for a proper stay.


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