Ok, this is very late

Here are the pictures from Instagram for the last 2 weeks of June, so you can drool again but then actually get an idea how to make it again.I will try post this weekly with food I make at home or eat or out, if I put it on insta, you will find it here. If you have any questions feel free to give me a shout here, or on instagram @addtotaste

Week 3
Sword Fish Tacos

RecipeĀ  coming soon.

Steak Ramen.

This dish is made up of the ingredients I had at home. The recipe for the broth is coming soon

Basil toast

Simple and easy, toast some bread, smear with cream cheese or smooth
cottage cheese and tear up some basil to sprinkle on top

Lentil soup

Made by the amazing Ciska at Loaves on Long

Bean and Smoked meat soup

This tastes like childhood winters. I can’t give you the recipe because
a) I don’t know it and
b) my mom would probably kill me if I shared it.

Poached eggs on sweetcorn fritters

Post parkrun breakfast at La Cuccina Hout Bay

Grilled Ribe Eye Steak

With a red wine & thyme butter and a roasted red onion tart tianĀ 

Sleekgeek dinner at the Wild Fig

Week 4


Steak and chips

With roasted zucchini and pine nut salad and a creamy mushroom sauce (recipe coming soon)

Home made poke.

Tuna, basted with a mix of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. Steamed edamame beans, avo, dried onions, and pineapple sprinkled with 7 spice.

Cashew chicken

Elevate a basic stir fry by adding roasted cashew nuts

Falafel salad

The Husband picked it for me and I adored it. Made by Deerpark Cafe

A slightly german lunch

Beef rindwurst, steamed potatoes with sourcream and chives and steamed veg.

Tex mex dinner for 5

Refried beans, a version of chili, tomato and coriander salad, chunky quac and all the fixings (recipes coming soon)

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