Intruding Weekly Bites

Often when I post my food shots to Instagram, I don’t feel like giving a whole description in the post. I feel like being arty or try be funny or something. I do get requests for more info so I decided to start a blog feature called Weekly Bites where I will give more info and possibly a recipe or 2. So keep an eye out on a Sunday or Monday of the bites from the week before.

Za’atar chicken on toast

This one is pretty simple. I roasted the chicken in the oven with za’atar sprinkled on top. I used rye bread for the toast and spread some it fat free cottage cheese

Vegetable and red bean soup.

For the recipe:

Chicken shawarma with roasted peppers.

The chicken I fried in a little bit of olive il, spiced with cumin, paprika, fresh turmeric, dried coriander, salt and pepper.

For the peppers I cheated. I buy them frozen and roasted from spar. The salad is 2 large tomatoes and half a small onion, salt and a dash of olive oil

Tuna salad with spinach on cracker bread

For this dish I used fat free cottage cheese in place of mayo and added chives and baby spinach into the mix

Chicken and prawn stirfry

with glass noodles and korean kimchi

Recipe coming soon

Baked rice and chicken

You can find the recipe here

Shredded chicken with garlic and herbs on toast

I roasted the chicken breast in the oven with a mixture of dried herbs, garlic powder, salt and pepper. The toast is rye with fat free cottage cheese spread on top

Chicken stir fry

with brown rice.

Recipe coming soon

Rib eye

with airfried wedges and mixed veg

Bacon, framble and edamame breakfast wrap.

The bacon was cooked in the airfryer.
The framble is super simple, you break the eggs straight into the pan, wait a few seconds and then scramble.
The edamame I added to the pan after the egg.

Three Wise Monkeys

Duck Ramen bowl

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