,I really can’t believe that I haven’t done a blog post about the Italian Club before. I mean, I practically live there some months. The food is tasty, the prices are good and there is a kids play area.

When I was a lot younger, the club’s restaurant used to be exclusive to members. Some nights though, the place was open to the public and on those nights my parents’ friends often invited us. In my memories the space had a dark romantic feel and the corner with the pizza oven that is still there today is the clearest of all the memories.


Several years later and the club opened up the restaurant to the public every night. Each night has something special about it. Over the last couple years they have also made the children’s room and outside play area even more kid friendly and safe. It means we can go there for lunch or supper and I can enjoy good food and drinks at good prices, while TheLittlePrince plays his heart out.


Monday nights the restaurant is closed, so the specials start on a Tuesday. Tuesday nights are great for pizza lovers. Any standard pizza at R60 and their pizzas are some of the best in Cape Town if you like them thin and crispy, you like pizza should be.


On Wednesday nights is the ribs special. Many barbecue smeared faces tucking in to these melt off the bones ribs greet you when you walk in. You are guaranteed to roll out at the end of the night. Thursdays is the prawn special where you are charged R8 per large juicy prawn. Served with a creamy, moreish risotto. I would suggest you come back another night to order the risotto specifically and enjoy it in it’s full glory, not just as a side show for amazing prawns.


Friday and Saturday nights are party nights. Each night features a different cover band that, will inspire you to dance like it’s your cousin Harry’s wedding all over again. The bill includes a small cover charge, which is well worth it. These nights are not your usual date night vibes. You will not be able to have a decent conversation as it is loud and happy the whole night.


The restaurant is closed on Sunday evening. During the day they have a set menu and on the first Sunday of the month, there is an Italian Buffet. Starting off with delectable antipasto and moving on to warm, filling mains and ending with decadent desserts.


Whichever night or day (club is open from 12 every day for lunch) you choose to go, you can indulge in the special or, choose from the varied menu and be guaranteed an excellent meal.

Oh and lets’s not forget the amazing Deli full of hand made and imported cheese, meats, pastas, sauces and more.


Donegal St, Rugby, Cape Town, 7405
021 511 5956

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