What an interesting month February proved to be. My heart swelled at times and broke a little at other. My little boy has been hitting his milestones ahead of time which makes me so proud but at the same time my grandmother is ill and we may not get to see her in person again as she lives in Israel. Work has been work and nothing exciting or engaging has happened in a while and all this time the stress that the lack of tourism is putting on my husband is not doing wonders for his mood and in turn mine.

What has made me smile a lot this month is the contributions I have received for the Monthly Mingle. I thought for sure there would be scepticism about theme as everyone loves to overindulge in the month of love. However, a lot of you have not only embraced it but really went to town with it.

Thank you for filling my head with delicious ideas. Here is a round up of all who participated:

Assia Turner from Assia’s Kaleidoscope 
Ann from anN-series
Robin from What about the food?
Mairi from Toast
Tandy from Lavender & Lime
Soma from eCurry

More from Robin at What about the food? 
Janet from the taste space
Ok, now I am hungry 


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