I love giving gifts. I spend a lot of time planning what to get people. I buy them at the very last minute to avoid the temptation of giving something before the time. I worry that I miss the mark and I always beg to have the gift opened in front of me just so I can enjoy the look on a person’s face when I get it right.

Feeding people, to me, is like giving them a gift. I follow the same pattern. Planning, prepping, agonizing, anticipating and reveling in the joy they experience from the food that I make. There is no better sound to a cook that that of cutlery hitting a plate interspersed with mmmms and sighs.

so when I get to combine the 2, gifts and food, it makes me very happy.

Who am I gifting? You! With a chance to win 5 double tickets and 2 VIP packages¹

In a day or 2 I will be sharing a delicious recipe (image below) with you from one of the guest chefs and telling you exactly how to enter. For a bonus entry, guess who makes this beautiful dish and comment below or on my Facebook page.

Who's recipe do I come from?
Who’s recipe do I come from?


¹VIP Experience includes entry to the Good Food & Wine Show at the Cape Town International Convention Centre and entry to the Chefs in Action Theatre with VIP preferential seats for your requested Chef.


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