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After a delicious lunch at Klipbokkop, I was wondering how I was going to manage really appreciating the fudge and wine pairing at Nuy on the Hill . Also, while this concept was entirely new to me, I don’t know how this hasn’t become a trend – it was phenomenal. The flavours and textures in the fudge were amazing.  (Disclaimer – before the most astute of you realise my mistake, I’ll apologise for the pic – I took it before I realised that the wines were not laid out in their correct order.)

First, Nuy paired a Muscat Sparkling wine with the mallow whip fudge. I was a little dubious at first, because I generally prefer to mix sweet with salty, and I’m not a huge fan of marshmallow. That said, this was not normal marshmallow.. I’m pretty certain from the texture that it was made for the fudge, not bought. The fudge and marshmallow together were delicious! And when you added the wine, the bubbles had the most amazing effect in your mouth.. akin to eating magical pink clouds of melting sweetness that faded slowly and made you want to take another bite and sip before moving on, just to make sure it really is as surprisingly delicious as you thought it would be.  The second pairing was sticky ginger fdge with Chant de Nuit, a dry wine that paired beautifully with the ginger.  I will say that I heard many exclamations of surprise from people who “don’t normally like ginger” (Whaaaat?), as they really enjoyed the ginger in the fudge. Next was the Koffiepit Pinotage, which is an amazing red wine with a bold aroma of coffee. It was well complemented by the whiskey and coffee fudge, which I found unusual, with blending the flavours of two alcohols and two coffees. Together.

After that came the peppermint crisp fudge paired with the White Muscadel. This had the effect of taking a childhood dessert favourite and transforming it into an adult experience.. this kind of reminded me of my mom and at the same time made me feel a bit like I was drinking in front of her.  Lastly was my favourite fudge but not my favourite pairing (only because I’m not much of a brandy drinker and it was very strong, and I don’t like wasting alcohol, so I kind of felt like I should have finished it, but I really couldn’t).  The Legacy Copper Potstilled Brandy was paired very well with the butterscotch Taffy, flavour-wise, as the fudge gave it a lovely sweetness. You need to have the fudge first, though.

So, I finished with the peppermint crisp fudge pairing, and then I absolutely wrapped the rest of the fudge up in a serviette and took it away with me. I was tempted to snag the rest of the company’s left over fudge too, honestly. It was that good (I didn’t though, but if I knew them a little better, I totally would have!). Unfortunately, while Nuy on the Hill does sell their Fudgemaster fudge, we were out of luck, as they were only expecting a new consignment that afternoon. When I go back, I’m absolutely going to have a visit to get more.

Other interesting info about Nuy on the Hill is that they have a bike trail that you can use and showers, so you are able to work up a wonderful appetite for your culinary indulgence (without being a sensory distraction to those around you).


But seriously. That fudge. Wow


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