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My very good friends have a story of when they decided to clean their flat properly because the bug infestation was getting out of hand (as students this took a while). In the fridge they found a black Styrofoam tray with something black and slimy inside. M asked D if she could throw it away and he replied “No! It’s fresh lettuce, it says so on the label see?”

It seems a lot of people had a similar story at some point as lettuce is on of those things you need to use quickly before it wilts, rusts or rots. There is something so frustrating having to cut rusty, bitter parts of lettuce you only bought a few days ago.

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Checker, though, is here to save the day with lettuce that will stay fresh for much longer. I got this baby over a month go and I just finished the last few leaves. Here is an exert from their press release:

Living Leaves Lettuce, hydroponically grown lettuce is cultivated under cover in long “channel-like” structures, with its roots growing in running water, never soil. The water in which it is grown contains an optimal supply of natural nutrients essential to healthy plant development. This means that Living Leaves Lettuce has on-tap access to nutrients which are carefully managed for maximum absorption. The result is healthier plants that taste better and last longer.

Surprisingly, hydroponic farming actually requires less water than traditional farming methods as the water is recycled– and a single hectare of hydroponically grown lettuce yields the same as 20 hectares of traditionally grown plants. The reason is that all that water is recycled.”

So if you are on a salad binge to lose those extra festive season kilos or just love something fresh and crispy, give it a try and tell me what you think 🙂


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