So for some time now people have been discussing doing a sushi course of some sort as our sushi club event. After overhearing some vague details at a party I contacted BlowFish and got some more information:

p.s. Everything in Italics below is from their press release
Blowfish Sushi Courses
The Japanese consider food an art and it is said that it should be viewed with
appreciation. The art of Sushi making has been refined and perfected by their people.
Therefore we use our best sushi chefs to teach the age old secrets and techniques of sushi
making. This unique concept has been voted as one of Cape Town’s top team-building
exercises. This 2 hour sushi lesson in which students are thought all five types of Sushi is
not only fun but you’ll be thought a new skill which you can entertain you guests with at
home. We would like to invite you to join us in orchestrating your own masterpieces. To
avoid disappointment please contact Blowfish to make your booking in advance.
Introductory Course
Blowfish provides all materials and products needed for the course. Each person will cut,
roll and garnish their own platter and enjoy their masterpieces at the end of the evening.
• Basic information on Sushi making
• Garnish making (Cucumber garnishing)
• Sashimi Slicing
• Nigiri Making
• Maki Rolling
• Californian Rolling
R275 per person, maximum 20 people per lesson.
The classes are first and last Thursday of the month. Now if we can get 10+ people we can have our own private lesson so, after some twitter discussion, I figured if we can get the 10+ then the date will be anounced closer to the time, most likely Monday 28 February 2011.
So you just need to sign up in the comments section and go!

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