When I woke up this morning I was under the impression that we were spending the day at the Botanical Gardens. Well, it turns out, I was wrong.

The boys had decided that instead of a lovely day walking around in curated natural surroundings, we should rather walk around in curated junk…I mean hidden treasures, at Rathaus Schöneberg Flea Market.

After about 30 minutes of walking around seeing what was on offer, haggling (by The Little Prince, with us, about how much he could buy) and purchasing a few small things we decided it was time to eat.

We had eaten from Eivgis before, when we were picnicing at the park next door so we knew that if we headed there the food would be good. What we didn’t expect was how good the experience would be.

The food, as expected, was delicious but what made it even better was the casual, relaxed atmosphere of the tiny establishment and the warm, friendly nature of the owner, who made you feel right at home.

Jack and I shared a falafel platter and shakshuka (squiggle enjoyed the humus and the sauce from the shakshuka so much he got upset if Jack didn’t give him some as soon as he was done with his tiny mouthful) and The Little Prince devoured a few of the warm homemade pita breads.

Shakshuka made fresh right in front of you

The salads were fresh and well seasoned, the schug (chilli sauce) was delicious and apparently, normally a lot hotter and the prices super reasonable.

For those looking for Kosher food in Berlin that tastes good too, this should definitely be on your list.

Squiggle enjoyed his first taste of humus and shakshuka

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