Wellington is a town I have driven through many times. Usually the more industrial area, on the way to other places. I had been to paarl a few times but to visit friends or to try catch a shorter home affairs line.I had never visited either.

So when the Cape Winelands District Municipality invited me to spend 2 days exploring this region I jumped at the chance.

The first hurdle was finding a way to get to the pick up point in Stellenbosch on time, with TheHusband and Bug going to town there was no way I would make it there and back on time and the car had to stay with them so they had transport on Friday too. So I borrowed Red’s Swift and organised secure parking with the help of the lovely Anesca from CWDM.

Obviously I got slightly lost. I mean I got to the road just fine but drove straight past there offices. Luckily I was not the only one and everyone was kind enough to wait. My travelling companions and I got to chatting almost right away as we drove to Paarl to pick up 2 more guests.


A quick detour to avoid an accident, 2 more guests picked up and away we were to Wellington. We started at the Breytenbach center for tea, coffee and snacks. A tour of the center really inspired something in me. So much talent shown in such unique and diverse ways. I want to spend more time there and possibly with Anne-Ghrett Erasmus by my side, her knowledge and passion, unmatched.


We moved on from there for a tour and lunch at Welbedacht Estate,home of Schalk Burger & Sons wines as well as the meerkat range. After the fascinating tour we did a tasting and lunch at 6. Delicious, out of the ordinary food and a song to part, we left sated and ready.

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We took our time on the way to Bosman’s. Stopped at a rose garden and watched the kids walk home from school laughing and relaxed. The clouds cleared enough for the W of the mountain to show clearly and Anne-Ghrett Erasmus told us stories and histories of the places we drove by.

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A very good looking gentleman met us at Bosman’s and talked us through the history, present and future of Bosman’s. Their fantastic fare trade initiatives and the passion for the craft of grafting were clear in his voice and that of the man in charge of the various programmes on the farm. A very short tour of the historical winery (a very small winery it is) and a tasting of delicious desert wine.


Our last visit for the dat was Chippas. Like at Mzoli’s, you pick your meat and take it to the braai masters to tan it for you while you enjoy a beer. A marimba band came to entertain us while we waited and we took a tour of Chippa’s party venue, his VIP room and his bottle store.  A deservedly proud businessman.

The day ended at Val du Charron. A spectacular wine farm that caters mainly for french guests and 95% of their wine is sold overseas but they are definitely worth the visit AND the stay. The rooms are beautifully appointed and their rates are extremely competitive. The 3 new 5 star suites are set to be amazing. There is also a Spa on the farm with everything you could possibly imagine and excellent coffee in the rooms.


We got a glimpse at the wine theatre they host and a taste of the best their chef had to offer. We finished off the night with a few laughs, some wine, good coffee and goodnight wishes. If the next day was a fraction of this one it was set to be a good one.

Curling up in my own bed, I sent goodnight wishes to TheHusband and Bug at home without me, set the aircon to the right temperature so I could snuggle under the duvet and drifted off to sleep…

Stay tuned for what happened the next day in Paarl

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