DOAN Asian Fusain restaurant

I will start by saying that I have some attachment to this place because it is right across the road from my flat BUT there was a different restaurant there before and I would not have waxed lyrical about that place like I will about DOAN

A sushi platter I made up myself with some of my favourite things

For me, the recipe for a good restaurant goes as follows:
1. Good food
2. Good vibe
3. Good service.
Combine all ingredients in equal measure for best results.

Now to be fair to all restaurants at the moment, item 2 in the list was hard to achieve, and still is, as restaurants are not able to run their front of house as they would like to.

Having said that, DOAN has not disappointed me yet. The friendly and cheerful lady at the front desk has a smiling voice that makes you feel at home, even when there are delays she communicates this quickly and in away that brings comfort instead of frustration.

The food has been really tasty and some of the best sushi I have had in Berlin (if I remember to ask for no cream cheese, whyyyyy) the viet food has also been really flavourful and fresh and everything is made in good time without long waits.

If you have food preferences, it’s no problem! My very fussy child only eats certain things and they were happy to make up a dish to please him.

We haven’t had a chance to go and sit there to eat but I am looking forward to it because every interaction with them has been happy making.

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