History is a very powerful thing. When something has a long history it automatically encourages feelings of trust. When something has an intriguing history, it’s always a crowd pleaser and if you can get the 2 together in one place, well then you have magic.

Our own family histories may seem mundane to us since we have heard them a hundred times, until we tell someone new and they look at us, wide eyes, jaws gaping and let out a breath of “wow!”. This was probably the look on my face, in between the giggles, when I was listening to Sir David Graaff tell his.

After an informative and definitely NOT boring cellar tour with wine maker Elzette du Preez, during which we got to taste the tropical newly released 2012 Koetshuis Sauvignon Blanc and the luscious Rubaiyat. We were shown up to the beautifully laid out restaurant.

Once I recovered from the breathtaking view I went about the business of finding my name on a beautiful tag  resting on a side plate and found myself seated next to Michelle from the Durbanville Wine Valley, Nina Timm from My Easy Cooking and across from Maggie from Batonage. Chatting away about food, wine, dogs and children all the while tweeting and photographing (which Lady Sally remarked on, saying it was extraordinary)

Once he finally managed to get us quiet, Jonathan Davies introduced us to the restaurant, their vision, their ideas and the Bacon Martini (which we have yet to experience). He then gave the floor to the storyteller, Sir David Graaff, who had us enthralled with tales of his family, the farm and it’s history. A perfect foreword to an amazing meal.

I have said a few times in the last few months that I miss having my palate wowed. My budget and time have not allowed me to really explore the possibilities but I am happy to say that both my pocket and my mouth will be happy in the near future again.



















For the menu of the meal we were treated to click here
For De Grendel’s current menu click here

Disclaimer: I was treated to this lunch at De Grendel. I was given the option whether or not to write this post and my feelings and words are genuine. See my policy regarding freebies on my contact page.



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