What a great weekend I have coming up. Full of travel, food and wine all over Cape Town. This means I will have the inspiration and content to start writing here again.

Part of my culinary adventures this weekend will be The Good Food and Wine show. The show has had it’s ups and downs and I am hoping this year will be an awesome one. With thanks to Claire Allen I get to go see for myself and explore new and old stands a-like. I also get to see Claire in action again.

I got a chance to chat with Claire a bit before the show and ask a few questions. Have a read and then come catch her at the Chef’s Open Theatre on Friday at 19:30 or Saturday at 10:30


Who or what Inspires you in the kitchen?

I believe food is love, and every time I walk into a kitchen I’m inspired by how I can show my guests how much I love them through my cooking and every bite.

What is your favourite culinary indulgence?

I do find happiness in a perfectly moist, decadent chocolate cake!


Where did you learn to cook?

My Gran and mom’s kitchen.

What kitchen item would you be lost without?

Besides my Global chefs knife properly my dish cloth… I’m all about cleaning while you cook.


If you could cook for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

My Great Granny Polly. I never met her but she was an hotelier and inspired my gran and uncle to cook and I believe created the foundation for my cooking journey.

Name your 3 favourite cook books?

I don’t have any I like… I guess I better write one!


Snack attack! What do you grab?

Pretzels or cheese

Name your 3 favourite places to eat out

My palette is so inquisitive I really don’t have a favourite.


Chopsticks, finger or fork?

Fork. I feel like I should be more adventures but fork for sure.

What is your ultimate food and drink pairing?

Wine goes with eveything right?

Wine definitely goes with everything, including…wine

Hope to catch some of you hanging out at the Good Food and Wine show and checking out Claire do her favourite thing, cook with love!


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