I had no idea what to expect. I mean I have had a nibble of his work here and there, but never a complete David Kramer creation, from start to finish. Paired with a glass of Solms Delta Cape Jazz it was a sumptuous evening.

David Kramer and 10 other brilliant preformers lit the concert hall at the baxter on a night of Wine and Theatre (you thought I would say food, didn’t yeah) but David Kramer’s Breyani recipe requires no rice, or spices, nor chicken or prawns. Still many left the evening bursting at the seems filled with delight (and a glass or 2 of Vastrap or Langarm)

Greeted in the early evening by men in shiney hats, ready to pour happiness into a glass, many milled around chatting, meeting and tweeting (a screen was set up to follow all the tweets) awaiting the presentation of the classic Cape Town dish

David Kramer’s Briyani

What you need:
Die Sonskyn Sisters (Ruth Hector and Elspeth Davids) on vocals
Nielen Prinsloo on Blue Grass Banjo
Camillo Lombard on piano accordion
Gammie Lakay on acoustic lead guitar
Donveno Prins on sax
Jacques Steyn plays mandolin and bass
Charlie Rhode on banjo 
Howard Links on banjo and bass
Loukmaan Adams on vocals and ghoema drum
David Kramer to taste

What to do:
Take some David Kramer old favourites, mix in some restrung old folk songs, some tribute songs and a willing stage an audience. Mix for +/- 2 hours and pour out the doors

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