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My life has been turned upside down. I have never had a job that started with 4 weeks of intense training. Even the tour guide’s course was 1 week of theory and 1 week of driving around. I get home every night so tired I can’t see straight.

That, plus my commitment to helping people create food that is healthy over at EatCleanΒ and wanting to spend time with my little family (including 2 trips to ER in under a week) has left me with no time for you guys. I am so sorry.

So here is what I am going to do for you. You tell me what your first memory of Gordon Ramsay is and myself and Checkers will give youΒ a signed copy of Gordon Ramsay’s cookbook, The Ultimate Cookery Course.

All you need to do is post your memory in the comment section then tweet the following:
I have shared my first memory of Gordon Ramsay with @Addtotaste and #RamsayRatesCheckers.Β Β http://bit.ly/R7vCQG

For now, check out the TV slot and good luck!


  1. I remember watching a cooking programme on DSTV and all of sudden this chef just started freaking out, and i thought damn this looks good and ever since i watch anything and everything i can with him in, whether its watching his Ultimate Cookery Course, or Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef US or Kitchen Nightmare’s, or Hotel Hell (loving that btw πŸ™‚ ) i just cant get enough of the man πŸ™‚

  2. I remember the first show I saw on TV of his, I thought “Finally! A bloke that talks the way I do when I cook!”

  3. I remember my sister calling me and telling me that I absolutely have to stop what I’m doing and watch this crazy chef scolding restaurant owners and putting them straight. I put the tv on to watch my first episode of “Kitchen Nightmares”. Spending half the time in shock that the restaurants were in such a disaster and the other half the time thinking, “tough love really works!”

  4. My first memory of Gordon Ramsay was hearing a stream of expletives erupting from the living room at full volume while I was cooking. I rushed through thinking someone was attacking my other half !

    1. Oh dear I can imagine your face and he was probably in stiches. Don’t forget to tweet πŸ™‚

  5. I was living in a house-share in London and one of my house-mates went of for weeks about some new cooking show and this guy who would go off on a rant.
    I thought it was another one of those trashy shows that would die a death on one of the obscure channels and didn’t give it too much thought.

    Begrudgingly I gave it a watch and actually enjoyed the show, even smiling at the digs at all the other celebrity chefs.

    I have managed to eat at a number of GR restaurants (the tasting menu at the Boxwood Cafe being a highlight) as well as being invited onto an episode of the F-Word (unfortunately I was not able to attend).

    The book would be a fantastic addition to my collection (I don’t have any Gordon Ramsay books and need to balance out the HFW and Jamie Oliver ones).

    1. I am yet to have the pleasure of tasting his food. Closest I have come is tasting the food of someone trained by him. Lucky you! Don’t forget to tweet πŸ™‚

  6. My first memory of this man who is not afraid to share his opinion, was watching him tell some poor restaurant owner that his food was kak and he should fire his chef. Loved it.

    1. Well then I am sure the book will be a great addition to the shrine πŸ™‚ Don’t forget to tweet πŸ™‚

  7. I remember working at Mount Nelson and my mom calling me in service just to ask if I also talk like Mr Ramsey in the kitchen and if everybody here also swears like him and if it really is that intense in the kitchen… and I was like “no mom its worse” hehe =) with a chef screaming and throwing a pan in the background!

  8. I remember hearing about Gordon Ramsay from a guest who wanted me to make a reservation at his restaurant in London. I started to do some research on the man and discovered one of his cooking shows. I made a plan to watch an episode. Gordon Ramsay made English food look good – something I never expected!
    His food is classic and tasty and one of my favourite dishes is his Sticky Lemon Chicken. I love learning from his books!

  9. My fiance and I used to watch Kitchen Nightmares every sunday night on DSTV with Gordon Ramsay – we LOVED it πŸ™‚ Its the first time I saw Gordon – loved the show!

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