My dad is the kind of buisness owner that rewards good work because he wants to, not because he has to. From offering free lunch to his employees when we were in JNB to pouring his hard work into creating an amazing spit braai (lamb on the spit), not just hiring a spit braai company, for his workers at the end of the year. He also listens really well…

So when his employees came to him saying that, while the appreciate the hard work he put into spit braai, they felt they were not really involved, he came up with a potjiekos competition. For my international readers, it’s similar to a dutch oven on an open fire.

This created such an awesome buzz in the work place as teams were chosen, captains were elected and recipes were created. I was asked to be a guest judge, along with one other person so the competitors wouldn’t have to feel my dad was picking favourites.

At a another event I attended over the festive period (which I will blog about soon) I decided to ask Jenny Morris to co-judge with me and it was my lucky day as she was free and willing. You don’t get more impartial than that.

The whole day was a huge hit. The minute Jenny walked in you could feel the excitement and the food was incredible. The winning potjie, steak and biltong with cheese, was exceptional but the rest were really good too. Not just acceptable but seriously good. The staff of Big Bodies should be endlessly proud of their excellent work.


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