I have found the cure for seasickness! You won’t believe me when I tell you. You will think along the lines I did when I reached my 3rd cocktail, you will think that my “cure” is more likely to cause greater seasickness. Well, my thoughts were more along the lines of “o oh”, after all it was my 3rd cocktail when I shimmied my way on to the Tigress for a ride into a rather swollen ocean.


It’s true though, after years of battling with nausea on boats, 3 Mainstay 54 vodka cocktails and it was the best fun I have had in ages. We were treated so nicely, apart from the previously mentioned 3 cocktails there was a 4th and delicious snacks, some yummy models to enjoy and spectacular company.

 Mainstay 2

Mainstay has done something special. They have taken great quality products, distilled them FIVE times and produced not 1 but 4 different vodkas for you to choose from. From clean straight vodka to Mainstay Exotic Fusion: a blend of coconut, coffee and vanilla; Mainstay Tropical Fusion: a blend of mango and other tropical fruits; and Mainstay Island Fusion: a hint of hazelnuts and spices.


Spending the say with them was a real treat from the aforementioned yacht ride, to hand massages and a night at Shimmy beach club, it was really a slice of the Mainstay Island Life but let the pictures tell it all.

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