Saturday morning saw me bright and early at the Neighbourhood goods market, to work. You see I have secured myself another income with Oded’s Kitchen and so I was there to work. The day was beautiful and I was inspired by the heat to get some Ginger Lemonade for my lunch guests. I wasn’t having a regular lunch, oh no, Saturday was the beginning of a new project, #FoodClub.

What had inspired this project was the Fairview Bloggers Promo I had entered (and won, ahem) where we all looked at each other’s entries with awe and drool and so I had an idea, I shared it with Marisa and #FoodClub was born.

The idea is simple, we choose a product, we all cook something with it, then bring it over for the #FoodClub meeting. Like a book club but you can eat it 😛 So Saturday was our first. Unfortunately only 4 of us made it, which in a way very sad but in on the other hand, if I had had to have more Camembert my body would have packed up and left. Our product had to be Fairview’s Camembert, as it was what sparked the birth and will always be our first.

I will now stop rambling and show you the pics, unfortunately they were all taken on my phone so not the best quality but pretty non the less. Will update with the pic of all 4 of us when I get them from my mom 🙂

Gathered around the stove, typical

My camembert and nutbutter springrolls

Nina Timm’s Baked Camembert

JulyAte’s Gingered Apricot and Camembert Tart
The Creative Pot’s Dark Chocolate Camembert Truffles


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