Continuing on from our  trip to McGregor, it was time for lunch. Well we may have been late for that but getting journalists away from something enticing is very difficult, even with the promise of food.


We headed out to Robertson, here we stopped at the CWMD office and got a glimpse of the prep for the Wacky Wine Weekend before crossing the road to Cafe Rosa. Most of us opted for pizza but the menu is vast and varied with some excellent wines on offer. The walls are covered with quotes and sayings and you are encouraged to leave your own message on the tablecloth. The TV shuffles through some food related memes and jokes.

Avo all round…

Well fed and entertained, we were ready for our next adventure. 3 lucky people would get a chance to ride on the back of a Harley to our next stop, while the rest had a wild ride of their own in a little urban safari trailer. I was looking forward to this part since I saw the itinerary and I was going to do everything in my power to be 1 of the 3 to go. No one could stop me from making this happen, luckily nobody tried.

Excitement seemed to be dominating the emotions I was feeling, along with butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Well, that was until the owner of Best’ting Tours started his safety speech. After that I was just scared I would lean to much or not lean enough and create chaos. We fitted helmets, got friendly with our drivers and mounted our steeds (do not mix up those verbs)

Signed and ready to roll

Initially I was super tense (I was still focussing on the leaning bit) but as the ride went on I felt my shoulders drop, my stomach unknot and my smile broaden,  my hands still clutching tightly to my driver’s leather waistcoat. A few stops and turns to get out of town and as soon as we hit the R317 and my driver felt me relax behind him, he put his foot down and we were away like the wind. I felt like the Cheshire cat, my face split with the widest grin.

Helmet picked, grin remained

Unfortunately our destination was not far from our origin and too soon we had to bid farewell to our awesome rides. Van Loveren was waiting for us where their extensive wine list, interesting cellar tour and fun pairings at the end.

Photo borrowed from @ruekie. Mine is the one on the far right

We tried a few wines at the tasting counter, picked our cellar tour tipple and headed out to the cellars. The vineyard and the cellars have a fascinating history and it’s best to hear it on the tour. Interesting to learn that, come harvest time, everyone gets into the cellar to help out. This way the work gets done quickly but all the staff are connected to the product from the sales staff to the admin and everyone in between.

photo borrowed from Van Loveren

We ended our stay with a pairing of our choice. Having not found a wine I loved earlier I decided to go with the silliest tasting on the list (for adults), the Fiver party plate. The 5 Fiver wine cooler flavours, paired with a treat. No tasting notes were offered for this one but I discovered that the popcorn was a great palette cleanser.

Excuse the blur but the excitement of a cakepop got the better of me

Our second mini expo for the trip was held in the garden just after our pairing where we were given a taste of the adventure offerings in the area. From hikes to bike rides (muscle or petrol powered) as well as climbing activities. You see those and more here.

Onward we went (in our bus this time) to montague…


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