Rich mushroom soup

Feb 13, 2021 0

Have you had a mushroom punnet call you from the supermarket shelf? I did and this is what I made with them If you ask…

Cauliflower soup

Jan 24, 2021 0


Dumpling Course by Xue’s Kitchen

May 14, 2019 0

I have wanted to do a dumpling course for the longest time. Sometimes it was time, other times finances and sometimes it was my own…

Lemke – Berlin

Oct 15, 2018 0

La Petite Colombe

Nov 23, 2017 0


Street Food Thursdays in Berlin

Aug 18, 2017 0

It was not love at first sight. I was intimidated, scared, overwhelmed. so self-conscious of how different and alien I was. It didn’t take long…